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Royal recognition

February 2013 | by Tina Fields

Royal recognition

On Monday 22 October, representatives of Christian charity ‘Caring For Life’ (CFL) attended an award ceremony for the Duke of York Community Initiative Award, at the Spa, Bridlington.
    His Royal Highness the Duke of York founded the initiative in 1998, primarily and actively encouraging the development of community spirit, individual leadership and initiatives in Yorkshire and the Humber.
    The initiative supports projects through a dedicated award scheme and recognition of excellence. Its principal aim is to foster and increase community spirit throughout Yorkshire and is only awarded to community schemes of outstanding merit which meet the rigorous and robust assessment criteria.
    Simon Blagden, chairman of trustees for the Duke of York’s Community Initiative Award scheme, said, ‘On behalf of myself and the assessment panel, I would like to offer our congratulations on what is a great achievement’.
    CFL received its award from the Lord Lieutenant of the East Riding of Yorkshire, the Hon. Susan Cunliffe-Lister, who read a personal message from the Duke of York, who was unable to attend the ceremony because of the thick fog that was prevalent across the country.
    On the day, CFL received an award and Rev. Peter Parkinson, chief executive, received the Outstanding Leadership Award. Mr Parkinson would be the first on the CFL team to stress that all glory for anything achieved at CFL belongs to God.
    The inscription above the entrance door of the new granary states, ‘Non nobis domine, non nobis sed nomini tuo da gloriam’: ‘Not to us, O Lord, not to us, but to you alone be the glory’.
    Nevertheless, it was a real encouragement to see the work of CFL recognised in this way, and to see Mr Parkinson’s extremely hard work and tireless efforts acknowledged.
Tina Fields

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