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SALT in Scotland

April 2014 | by Elspeth McLachlan

‘And they devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers’(Acts 2:42). At the SALT youth conference this February we dissected this text, piece by piece, looking at the theme of devotion.

Josh Williamson’s ‘Devoted to doctrine’ session was a challenge to see that doctrine has a direct impact on the Christian’s life and is necessary for church unity, spiritual growth and a knowledge of how to live.

There was also a passionate appeal that we can have fantastic doctrine but, if we are not truly saved, then it is worthless.

Daniel Ralph dealt with ‘Devoted to fellowship’ and ‘Devoted to prayer’, the former addressing serving, sharing and living the church life alongside each other. Just as adoption agencies will not put new-born babies with unloving families, so our God will not put new-born Christians in unloving church families. So it is vital for growth that we work on being a united, loving, serving community.

We were encouraged to draw near to God in prayer, that he might draw near to us (James 4:8), and as a recognition of our dependence on God

Conrad Pomeroy spoke about being ‘Devoted to communion’ — the context and content of the Lord’s Supper, and our conduct and confession in coming to that meal.

Each talk was edifying and a challenge to live ‘Serious about loving truth’ (SALT), rather than just talking about it. It is a great challenge for our generation to commit where it counts: in the life and work of Christ’s church locally. (Free audio downloads at

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