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Salt Youth Conference

January 2016 | by Ali McLachlan

Praise God for his presence with us at SALT (‘Serious about loving truth’)this summer! This was our tenth conference in five years. As older ones move on, we were thrilled to have a number of first-timers.

Jeremy Walker, Conrad Pomeroy and Ali McLachlan spoke on the Bible’s inspiration, infallibility, authority and sufficiency. It was so good to give our youth the solid rock of Christ’s word in a generation of flux and confusion!

Our Q&A time revealed just how crucial the teaching was, as our teens and twenties wanted teaching on the Protestant canon of Scripture, spiritual gifts, and postmodern pluralism.

By teaching as we did, and with our subsidised bookstall, we gave them ammunition much needed for young life today. Audio resources are available from 

Ali McLachlan, Grace Baptist Partnership, Scotland

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