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SASRA remembers D-Day scripture readers

July 2019

D-Day commemorations have also honoured the 10 Army Scripture Readers (ASRs) who were deployed alongside the Allied troops 75 years ago.

According to the Soldiers’ and Airmen’s Scripture Readers Association (SASRA), notes found in the archives revealed the names of the 10 men who joined the 24,000 British, Canadian and American troops landing in Normandy in the final push against German forces occupying France.

A memo written from SASRA Headquarters in 1944 said, ‘Our friends and supporters will be grateful to know that we are sending ten of our Scripture Readers to accompany the Invasion Troops as soon as the Authorities are able to make the necessary arrangements’.

The men were: G. Barton; A. Ball; W. Davies; E. Farwell; C. Main; R. J. Samson; W. G. Taylor; J. N. Watkins; W. Watson; and H. G. Young.

In June 2019, Western leaders – Presidents Trump and Macron of the US and France respectively, and former UK Prime Minister Theresa May, together with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau – paid tribute to veteran survivors and those who lost their lives in the liberation of France following the D-Day landings.

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