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Saved2Serve conference 20

June 2015 | by Ryan King

At the end of March over 80 people — most of them aged 15-25 — met at All Nations Christian College in Hertfordshire for Saved2Serve, a weekend for Christian young people. The conference, sponsored by the Association of Grace Baptist Churches (South East), was filled with Bible teaching, practical seminars, worship, and fellowship.

This year’s theme was ‘Revolution: the work of the Holy Spirit in conversion’. The subject was given a concise but thorough biblical treatment, in four sessions, led by David Hircock, pastor of Hayes Lane Baptist Church in Bromley. The teaching focused on ‘Conversion: who does what?’; ‘Conviction: the Holy Spirit convicts us’; ‘Revolution: the change the Holy Spirit makes’; and ‘How do I know I’m a Christian?’

Additionally, attendees were able to choose from interactive workshops on specific areas in which the Holy Spirit brings change through conversion. These were: ‘Shut it’ (speech), ‘Kick it’ (addiction), ‘Leave it’ (false belief), and ‘Mend it’ (broken relationships).

One young adult I spoke to said, ‘It was precious to be taught about the hope that we have that will not spoil or fade, and to be reminded it will not disappoint like the things of this world!’

The aim of the weekend is not simply to reflect on biblical principles, but, at a practical level, to propel young people into the Lord’s service for the strengthening of churches. With this in mind, several mission agencies were there to present exciting opportunities for gospel ministry and service at home and abroad. Time was also allotted for people to hear about specific needs and pray for the groups represented.

Next year’s weekend is at All Nation’s Christian College from 8-10 April. The theme is ‘Lost: how will the world be saved?’ Matt Gamston (previously a Grace Baptist Mission missionary in the Philippines) will be our main speaker.

Audio recordings are at; and regular updates and links are on Facebook ( or Twitter (S2Sevent).

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