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June 2014 | by Ryan King

From 4-6 April, a group of around 70 young people met for a weekend, on the site of All Nations Christian College in Hertfordshire, to consider ways of getting involved in evangelism and mission.

Saved2Serve, which is put on annually by Grace Baptist churches in south-east England for Christian young people aged 15-25, celebrated its 10tH anniversary, with moving times of worship, some helpful workshops, excellent Bible teaching and lots of opportunities for fellowship.

Pete Woodcock, pastor of Cornerstone Church Kingston, led the main sessions with four talks from Acts 17 that were variously described by attendees as ‘particularly moving and in depth’, ‘engaging’, ‘very useful and inspiring’, ‘memorable’, ‘powerful’, ‘refreshingly straight-talking and plain spoken’, and ‘really challenging and enjoyable’.

The theme this year was ‘Word on the street’, and the weekend was particularly geared toward equipping those present with the biblical tools for engaging people they know in the culture around them.


Accordingly, attendees were given the choice of two out of four helpful workshops: ‘The Word on science’ with Dr Stephen Lloyd; ‘The Word on sexuality’ with Dr Stefan Cantore; ‘The Word on Christ’s uniqueness’ with Neil Richardson; and ‘The Word on justice’ with Simon Pethick.

One teenage man, attending for the first time, told me that the workshops he attended (on sexuality and science) definitely left him more able and confident to talk with his classmates about the Scriptures.

For those looking to go beyond their immediate and more familiar surroundings, representatives from several missionary organisations were on hand to tell about various opportunities for service, over hot drinks and muffins.

A prayer walk was also organised, in which participants spent a set period of time at each organisation’s display table, learned about their work and spent a few minutes praying specifically for points highlighted by the representatives.

‘10/10. Would come again’, one person wrote on their feedback form. Perhaps you know people aged 15-25 who would benefit from a weekend like this. Why not encourage them to come along?

Next year’s event is again at All Nations Christian College, from 27-29 March. David Hircock, pastor of Hayes Lane Baptist Church in Bromley, will be the main speaker and the theme will look at the work of the Holy Spirit in conversion.

Ryan King

The author is pastor of Grace Baptist Church, Wood Green, London









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