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Science – Victory for creation scientist

November 2017

An Australian geologist who was refused permission to research in the Grand Canyon has won his case in the US.

According to the latest Creation Update from the Creation Resources Trust, Dr Andrew Snelling was denied permission in 2013 to do field work in the national park.

However, supported by advocacy group Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), Dr Snelling discovered the permits had been denied not to protect the park, but because Dr Snelling is a Christian and a creationist.

The ADF took the case to a federal court, upon which the Grand Canyon National Park and the Department of Interior changed tack and issued the permits, thereby admitting the validity of his proposed research. The case was voluntarily dismissed. Dr Snelling said: ‘I am gratified the Grand Canyon research staff recognised the quality and integrity of my research project and issued the desired research permits’.

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