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Scottish conferences: Isle of Lewis

June 2015 | by David Murray

Dr Charles PriceThe Lewis Christian Conference committee has confirmed that the 2015 event will, God willing, take place this month, between Friday 19 and Monday 22 June. 

The speaker will be Dr Charles Price, senior pastor of the People’s Church in Toronto, Canada.

Dr Price has been in this role since September 2001, with a congregation of more than 4000 people. He has a weekly hour-long television programme, Living truth, which is broadcast coast to coast in Canada each week, as well as in the USA, UK, Europe, India, Australia, New Zealand, Guyana, South Korea and Japan.

He also has a daily 30-minute radio programme, which is broadcast in the US and Canada. Dr Price came to Christ at the age of 12 in Hereford, England. On leaving school he farmed for two years in Zimbabwe, before returning to England to attend Capernwray Bible School for one year. 

He then spent three years at the Bible Training Institute in Glasgow, Scotland. He was awarded an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree by Tyndale University in Toronto, in 2004.

A popular Bible teacher, he spoke at the first Lewis Christian Conference in 2012. The three conference meetings will be held in the Stornoway High Church (kindly granted) and Dr Price will preach in Back Free Church on the Sunday evening. 

All are welcome to attend the meetings. Further details will be made available on

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