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Smacking ban

April 2014

The Welsh Assembly has rejected calls for a ban on smacking, Simon Calvert has said.

The deputy director of public affairs for the Christian Institute (CI) welcomed the move by parliamentarians to reject an amendment that would have criminalised parental smacking. Thirty-nine assembly members voted against the amendment, with 14 in favour and one abstention.

However, Mr Calvert said while the Institute welcomed the vote, the long-term political motivation to ban smacking was still alive and kicking.

He said, ‘We are very thankful to God for this result. Thank you to everyone who prayed and to CI supporters in Wales who contacted their ministers. However, Gwenda Thomas, deputy minister, has said there may be “opportunity to examine these issues in forthcoming legislation in this assembly term”.

‘The issue is likely to return to the Welsh Assembly before the 2016 election’.




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