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Social action

April 2014

A gathering of Christians involved in community action during February called for a change to the laws governing betting shops and payday loan companies.

The gathering in London, called ‘The Summit’, also pledged to increase donations to the Vauxhall Foodbank and to campaign for fairness for Britons living on or below the poverty line.

Organised by Christians on the Left, the Summit aimed to bring Christians across Britain together, to focus on ways that Christians can show their faith in community and political action.

Andy Flannagan, director of Christians on the Left, said, ‘We need to combine social action and social entrepreneurship with political action too’. He said local communities should have control over the number of betting shops and payday loan companies in their area, as these sorts of financial institutions ‘suck money away from local communities’.

He added: ‘Social action on its own is not the whole answer. That’s why we have sought to discuss when political action is necessary for the church, and asked delegates to take a step personally in that direction’.



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