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Society – Britons praying

February 2018

Prayer in the UK is more common than many people might believe, research from charity Tearfund claims.

In research published in January 2018, the organisation found approximately 50 per cent of Britons prayed, and, even among those claiming not to be religious, 20 per cent have admitted to praying.

The research, carried out by ComRes among 2,069 UK adults, found 55 per cent have prayed in a crisis. Some 39 per cent said they prayed because they believed in God, while 32 per cent said they believed prayer made a difference.

Family was the topmost reason for prayer, at 71 per cent; followed by thanking God, at 42 per cent; while 40 per cent of prayers were to request healing. Some 20 per cent of adults said they prayed at least once a month.

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