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Society – Parents likened to Nazis

June 2018

Parents discussing gender dysphoria online have been compared to Nazis fomenting hatred of Jews. Transsexual journalist India Willoughby, writing for gay news website Pink News, slammed the Mumsnet website, comparing it to a ‘Nuremberg rally’.

This came after female users of the Mumsnet forum asked questions about how to deal with transsexualism, spurring trans activists to start targeting and threatening advertisers on the site.

As reported in the Daily Mail, the row escalated, with cabinet minister Liz Truss incurring the wrath of the transgender community after she praised the open forum, free speech ethic of the Mumsnet site. In April, when she posted a magazine article on Twitter praising Mumsnet for letting its users ‘question the tenets’ of transgenderism, she was rounded on by the increasingly hostile trans community, who branded her a ‘Terf’ (a trans-exclusionary, radicalised feminist).

In the Pink News article, Willoughby claimed Ms Truss ‘needs hauling in to the PM’s office’, and said Mumsnet — along with the Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday — were ‘hounding trans women in the same way Hitler went about stigmatising Jewish people. Seriously. That’s no exaggeration. It’s all very similar to the way the National Front used to operate’.

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