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Society – Scottish ‘hate’ posters cause outrage

November 2018

One of the posters
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A series of posters backed by the Scottish government and the police have appeared in Scotland accusing people of faith as being bigots who spread hatred.

One poster reads, ‘Dear Bigots, you can’t spread your religious hatred here. End of sermon. Yours, Scotland.’ Other posters target ‘homophobes’ and ‘transphobes’.

Barnabas Fund issued a statement calling for the campaign to be removed. The group said, ‘Using the word “sermon” seems to target religious groups including Christians, Jews and Muslims.

‘Even the lettering used in one poster reinforces this association, being very similar to well-known typefaces used in some historic Bible imprints’.

Barnabas’ CEO, Hendrik Storm, said he was ‘shocked’ by the posters and he had received complaints from Christians that the posters, ‘single out religious believers and call them out as “bigots” without any real qualification’.

Christian Concern has produced some alternative posters that Christians can publish on social media. One poster says, ‘Dear One Scotland, All people should be free to express their views, even if they offend other people. That is what freedom of speech means …Love, Some Christian friends’.

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