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Society – Sex education ‘blinds us’

April 2018

Sex education could be one of the factors behind the increasing levels of childlessness in the UK, Norman Wells has said.

The director of the Family Education Trust told the Daily Mail there were many reasons why people might be refraining from having children earlier on in their lives, with economic pressures being high on the list.

However, he also warned that so much sex education has placed a ‘strong emphasis on how to avoid pregnancy, that it has frequently presented a negative image of child-bearing and motherhood’.

Mr Wells said, ‘The contraceptive culture can all too easily blind us to the joy that the birth of a child can bring to the parents and to their wider circle of family and friends’.

His comments came in response to recent figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) revealing that the average number of children per woman of childbearing age in England and Wales has fallen. As at the end of 2017, women born in 1971 had on average 1.9 children, compared with 2.42 for women born in 1935.

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