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Soldiering on: SASRA Scripture Readers and Covid-19

February 2021 | by Gareth Bartlett

Andy McMahon
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Despite pandemic restrictions, SASRA’s Scripture Readers are at their posts, pointing the young men and women of our Armed Forces to the Lord Jesus Christ.

They have had to adapt to minister effectively while still complying with social distancing. Both smartphone apps and social media channels have allowed them to provide Bible studies, online evangelistic courses, and pastoral support for those struggling with lockdown’s darker moments.

Scripture Readers are also producing monthly update videos which are distributed via the Association’s new eNewsletter.

Face-to-face contact is the preferred method of working, but Readers utilise every opportunity to minister as they liaise with their superiors to ensure their vital work continues.

For those who miss having a Scripture Reader or Area Representative visit their church, SASRA now produce eDeputations: video presentations informing and updating churches on the crucial gospel work of the Association.

SASRA are also welcoming a new recruit to the team: Major Andy McMahon. Andy previously supported the Association as a Trustee while serving in the Royal Artillery. Raised in a Christian home in Northern Ireland, he committed his life to the Lord aged 13.

His Army career started in the Royal Irish Regiment where he served in Belfast. He later transferred to the Royal Artillery.

Andy continues as a Reservist, upholding the Royal Artillery’s Motto, Ubique (‘Everywhere’). He also pursues a higher calling, working to facilitate the gospel ministry of SASRA among our Armed Forces.

Gareth Bartlett

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