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Southern Presbytery colloquium hosted by Knightwood, Glasgow

April 2020 | by Andrew Allan

Knightswood Free Church of Scotland (Continuing) in Glasgow recently hosted the eighth Southern Presbytery colloquium. Numbers were up on last year’s event; at least seven people attended for the first time.

The first paper was given by Revd Andrew R. Allan and addressed the doctrine of effectual calling. Citing the Westminster Standards and other works, Mr Allan concluded that effectual calling is a mysterious and vitally important work of the Triune God.

Following refreshments, Revd William Macleod delivered his paper: ‘The prosperous future of the church’. Those gathered were left in no doubt about Mr Macleod’s enthusiasm for a postmillennial understanding of Revelation 20.

His intent was to encourage brethren to both persevere and pray in the prospect of better days ahead. A lively and stimulating Q&A session followed.

Following lunch, the final session was taken by Revd James I Gracie, who preached from Job 19. We were reminded that, although godly Job was in a desperate position, he retained hope in his Redeemer. It was an excellent and stimulating end to a profitable and edifying day.

Audio recordings of the papers are available from the Free Church (Continuing) website. Lord willing, another colloquium will take place next January.

Thanks are due to Mr Macleod for organising the day and to the Knightswood Deacons’ Court for the use of the church. Thanks also to Mrs Sohana McKenzie, Partick, for overseeing the catering arrangements.

Revd Andrew R Allan

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