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Steve Timmis removed as CEO of Acts 29 network

March 2020

Steve Timmis
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The board of the Acts 29 church planting network has removed Steve Timmis from his role as chief executive following accusations of abuse and bullying.

A statement issued by Acts 29 and given to Christianity Today said, ‘The Board of Acts 29 was made aware of some accusations of abusive leadership against our CEO Steve Timmis.’

The statement added, ‘The Board launched an investigation of these claims and found evidence that he should be transitioned out of the CEO role immediately.

‘Where there needs to be reconciliation, we are prayerful and committed to seeking it.’

Acts 29 describes itself as ‘a diverse, global family of church-planting churches characterised by theological clarity, cultural engagement, and missional innovation.’

Its global headquarters has been situated in Sheffield alongside the church founded by Timmis, The Crowded House.

An article published by Christianity Today says former members of The Crowded House claim his leadership style included bullying and control.

Since reports of Timmis’ leadership style surfaced in Christianity Today, he has stepped down as an elder in the church.

The remaining elders of the church say they ‘feel the weight’ of the reports. They said, ‘It is therefore our intention to ask someone from outside our network to explore what has happened and make recommendations.’

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