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Stornoway pulpit filled after 7-year gap

November 2019 | by William Mackenzie

From left: Rev George Macaskill, Rev Jonathan Baxter, Stewart Wilson, Murdo Smith.
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On Thursday, 29th August at 72 Keith Street, Stornoway (on the Isle of Lewis), a 7-year pulpit vacancy was filled when Rev Jonathan Baxter was ordained and inducted to the local congregation which includes a preaching station in the Isle of Harris.

While studying for a degree in aeronautical engineering, Jonathan began to feel called to preach the gospel in December 2011. In God’s providence, this was the very same month in which the previous pastor, Rev George Macaskill, gave notice of his intended retirement in June 2012.

Jonathan trained in Edinburgh Theological Seminary for three years before applying to the Associated Presbyterian Churches for admission to their ministry.

The Moderator, Rev Ross McFarlane, presided over the induction service and Rev Dr Philip S Ross, Dundee APC, preached an appropriate sermon on Luke 6:12-16.

The prayer of many is that the ministry resumed in the congregation will be anointed with a ‘double portion’ (2 Kings 2:9).

William MacKenzie

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