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Strange Fire

January 2014

Charismatic evangelical Mark Driscoll, pastor of Mars Hill Church in Washington State, is reported to have ‘gate-crashed’ Pastor John MacArthur’s Strange Fire conference in California.

According to blog entries from Mr Driscoll, reported by Alecia Mackenzie for Christian Post’s ‘Buzzvine’, he was handing out copies of his new book, A call to resurgence: will Christianity have a funeral or a future? — that is, until they were allegedly seized by members of the Strange Fire team.

In her article for Christian Post, there is a link showing photos of the pastor talking with attendees at the conference.

Reformed writer Tim Challies attended the conference, which raised many issues about Charismatic theology, and its worldwide and divisive impact on the Christian communion.

He wrote: ‘MacArthur made it clear that he did not host this conference in order to critique the Wayne Grudems and John Pipers of the world. If these men were representative Charismatics, Strange Fire would have been a non-event or, at the least, a very different event.

‘He hosted the event because there are hundreds of millions of people around the world who make the fraudulent practice of fraudulent gifts the heart of their expression of the Christian faith’.




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