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Street preacher arrest prompts petition

June 2019

Street preacher arrested (2019) SOURCE Twitter/EyeOnAntisemitism
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Christian Concern is petitioning the Home Secretary asking him to review the guidance to police officers regarding street preachers following yet another arrest in London earlier this year.

So far, thousands have signed the petition, but Christian Concern has urged for more names to ‘add pressure’ on the Home Secretary and the police to force a change in police practice when it comes to questioning and arresting street preachers.

The petition came after street preacher Oluwole Ilesanmi was forcibly arrested on Saturday 23 February outside Southgate Tube station.

According to video footage, Mr Oluowole was preaching on the streets as he often does. The police officers confronted him and arrested him for allegedly breaching the peace.

Shortly before the arrest, Ambrosine Shitrit from Campaign4Truth and Eye on Antisemitism had seen him interacting with another man who turned out to be a Muslim, and began filming on her phone.

When the police came in response to a 999 call, the Muslim man had left the scene.

When arresting Mr Oluwole, the police ripped the Bible out of his hands. They then drove him away to a ‘remote’ location before de-arresting him.

The Metropolitan Police denied this when asked about it by journalist Marcus Jones of Premier Christian Radio. But Mr Oluwole has stated he has a travel ticket proving he was driven to a remote location and left to get back by himself.

This has prompted questions as to why the police denied the incident took place, and why Mr Oluwole had been arrested in the first place.

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