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Students attend inaugural ‘Truth in Science Summer School’ in Solihull

November 2019 | by Andy McIntosh

Truth in Science summer school
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Nearly 30 students gathered for the first Truth in Science Summer School in St. Swithin’s House, near Solihull on 6 and 7 September.

They heard sessions on Medicine (particularly Medical Ethics), Biology, Geology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Education and Theology.

Experts in all these fields then spoke to smaller groups of students in these same areas.

The students attending indicated that the talks were pitched well for those on the verge of starting college or university and about to be hit by the evolutionary juggernaut which dominates most of the science subjects.

The prime aim of the summer school was to mentor and be there to help students with questions and to give them resources in their own disciplines.

Truth in Science is convinced that this is the way to grow a new generation of minds able to resist the lies of the enemy in academia, and this may take many years to have a lasting effect.

With a balance of science and Scripture in each of the main talks, both mind and heart were appealed to throughout the two days.

The goal of Truth in Science is that new Christian leaders are anchored firmly in biblical thinking and develop in all areas of life.

The response from the students was overwhelmingly positive to do this again next year, so provisionally the dates will be 4 and 5 Sept 2020. A larger venue will be sought to take up to 50 students.

Andy McIntosh

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