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Students in action

February 2013

Students in action

Students and young adults around the country will be urged to come to London from 22-25 February for a special event called Soundcheck 2013.    
    This event offers speakers, workshops, music and a ‘day of action’ to agitate for justice in food production around the world. The advertised speakers will be Steve Chalke and Elaine Storkey, Tearfund president.
    After last year’s event, Lucia Chaplin, executive committee member of Nottingham Christian Union, said, ‘Soundcheck was a place where I felt I could be truly free to discuss, pray, question, laugh and worship with others who cared desperately about justice in the world, but who also found beautiful hope in our creator God’.
    Through the year Speak groups meet in churches and universities around the country and seek to ‘speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute’, through exploring issues of global justice, praying and campaigning.
    However, such well-meaning efforts surely fail to hit the best target. Christian work amongst students in the UK needs to recover the vital emphases it was once renowned for — experiencing, communicating and manifesting, by changed lifestyles, the saving gospel of grace in Christ.
    The kind of social justice that Soundcheck calls for is a desirable fruit of the gospel transforming societies, but only a very weak substitute for it.

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