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Surge in online evangelism courses

August 2020 | by John Tredgett

The Covid-19 lockdown coupled with the Easter period led to a spike in the number of people interested in exploring the Christian faith.

Christianity Explored Ministries (CEM), creators of the popular Christianity Explored course, saw a 30% increase in traffic to their evangelistic website ( since March. Visits to CEM’s specific webpage, If God exists, why is there suffering? had doubled.

Rico Tice (co-founder of CEM) said, ‘On my street at Easter I really felt that non-Christians were thinking Shame on you if you don’t invite me to hear about Jesus at a time like this!

I’ve never felt that before in 30 years. Evangelistic doors are opening now that have been shut for decades.’

Christianity Explored, presented by Rico, is a seven-session course that usually takes place in person and allows guests to explore what Christians believe. Participants are introduced to the good news of Jesus through short films and a Bible study in Mark’s gospel.

The resources were made freely available online ( until the end of August, with churches across the UK reporting that high numbers of explorers have been signing up to their virtual courses.

As Paul Brennan (The Tron Church, Glasgow) prepared to lead a Christianity Explored session via Zoom, he said, ‘This looks like it will be our biggest course by a long way. We only decided to run it a week ago and we’ve already got 14 signed up and expect more in the coming days.’

Rico also said, ‘There are so many ways of interpreting what’s going on around us, but surely one is that our idols have been taken away from us so that we have to focus on our souls. The question is, will we come to our senses and allow this pandemic to reveal our idolatry to us?’

John Tredgett

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