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TBS to move

February 2015

The Trinitarian Bible Society (TBS) has secured new premises in Merton, London, just five minutes away from its former premises, Tyndale House.

In the October 2014 edition of the TBS Quarterly record, David Broome, resources director for the organisation, said that TBS would be able to occupy the larger of the two units in the new location and let out the smaller one to help finance the ongoing ministry of TBS.

Mr Broome wrote: ‘The prospect of owning property to rent may seem a little unexpected to some of our supporters, but it is the way in which the Lord has clearly led.

‘It will give the society the advantage of having the financial surplus from the sale of Tyndale House invested in property, and, God willing, should return a steady and substantial income flow’.

The new unit, which is currently being designed to fit TBS’ specifications, is estimated to be finished by summer this year, and after a fit-out of the premises, the team at TBS expects to move into its new building by autumn.

However, as TBS has to leave Tyndale House by March this year, it will be using another property in the interim, also in Merton, London, which should help to minimise disruption to customers, supporters and staff.

Mr Broome added: ‘It is humbling and strengthening to faith to see the Lord working and to be reminded again that we are merely the feeble instruments in his hand for the practical outworking of his purposes upon earth’.


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