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Translation update from Trinitarian Bible Society

June 2019

An annual deputation meeting of the Trinitarian Bible Society (TBS) has been held at the Presbyterian Reformed Church, Stockton-on-Tees. Several evangelical denominations were represented and Dr David Allen spoke for the TBS.

We began with a heart-warming exposition of Ephesians 3:20 (‘Now to him who is able…’). It was wonderful to be reminded of the richness of God shown in Christ; our heavenly Father not only grants what we need, but also ‘abundantly above all that we ask or think’.

We were then reminded of the thousands of languages still without a Bible translation. This situation demands prayer and petition before God.

We were exhorted to pray for more than what is just humanly ‘possible’ and reminded of the events of the 18th century when, despite widespread spiritual darkness, the First Great Awakening transformed the nation.

Updates regarding translation endeavours were given. The TBS Chinese Mandarin Bible was mentioned as an important improvement in accuracy.

The value of the Mongolian Bible was stressed: millions stand in need of it and this vast country has a strategic position whereby its inhabitants have free access to the surrounding nations.

The Farsi New Testament is now finished and will be invaluable in evangelising Iranians. Reference was also made of a New Testament translation into a Liberian tribal language. In English, the Westminster Reference Bible has also become available, with a Kindle edition freely available from the TBS website.

The meeting was followed by informal fellowship, a bookstall and refreshments.

Roy Mohon

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