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‘Truth 4 Youth’ conference looks at creation research, Islam and discipleship

December 2019 | by Suzie Gee

The Heatree Activity Centre in Dartmoor hosted the annual Truth 4 Youth conference in August. Attracting a host of young people, there was much opportunity for outdoor fellowship as well as teaching. Activities on offer included fencing, a water slide, high ropes and a bonfire (replete with marshmallows on sticks).

John Mackay and Joseph Hubbard from Creation Research spoke. Joseph recently completed a geology degree and is being trained to represent Creation Research in the UK. He taught well and was an encouragement to all. He and John emphasised the importance of interpreting Genesis literally and addressed questions commonly levelled against creationism.

How can we reach Muslims with the gospel? Jay Smith (The Pfander Centre for Apologetics) shared his expertise in this area. His love for Muslims and knowledge of the Qur’an shone through. Jay is on a speaking tour of England before returning to the USA.

Joni Hudson (of the charity Foundation Matters) spoke about discipleship – an often-neglected aspect of church life today. In practical and encouraging sessions, he spoke of abiding in Christ and counting the cost of discipleship.

Jon Ikin (Pastor of Union Chapel, Bath) preached on Sunday morning about our resurrection bodies. It was a joy to be reminded that God will one day raise us up to be like Christ, united to him forever.

The conference talks are available at and we anticipate next year’s conference in August 2020.

Suzie Gee

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