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Truth in Science holds its first ever Winter School

April 2021 | by Evangelical Times

Steve Taylor
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In January, Truth in Science (TiS) held their first Winter School for Christian STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) students at college or university.

Prof. Andy McIntosh, leading the conference, said, ‘The whole reason for the TiS Student Initiative is to … grow future Christian Union leaders in our universities who understand the issues [of theistic evolution] and can defend the biblical creation position in their disciplines.’

Dr Stephen Lloyd explained the importance of understanding theistic evolution and the gospel, and the significance of the physical suffering of Jesus.

Referring to Romans 8:19-23, Dr Lloyd described the redemption of both man and creation through the death of Christ on the cross. This was an excellent reminder that in all things we must look to Christ and not fall into the trap of theistic evolution.

Prof. McIntosh continued with a fascinating lecture detailing the physiology of feathers. He focused on the comb and fringe arrangement of barn owl covert feathers which enable silent flight, as well as applications of this in biomimicry.

Romans 1:20 reveals that ‘[God’s] invisible attributes are clearly seen’ in creation – especially true in the complex structure of feathers, which evolution cannot explain.

The final lecture by Prof. Steve Taylor summarised the fossil evidence that unequivocally supports the biblical position. Prof. Taylor advocated that we should encourage others to consider the evidence, citing John 17:17 – ‘[God’s] word is truth.’

It was delightful to share fellowship with other young Christians in STEM, particularly hearing medical student Katie Herwig share her testimony of respectfully standing up to her lecturers and peers concerning controversial topics.

Her story is an encouragement for those starting university, as being a creationist while studying the sciences can be extremely difficult. Initiatives such as the TiS Winter School bring together young Christians experiencing the same struggles, reminding us that God is in control of all things.