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Truth to live by

February 2015

On Saturday 29 November 2014, a number of 16-25-year-olds gathered for a day conference at Sanderstead Evangelical Church, South Croydon.

The event ran from 10.00am-4.00pm and bore the theme ‘Truth to live by’. The main speaker was Brian Edwards, former pastor of Hook Evangelical Church, Surrey.

Brian has authored many books and preaches regularly in the UK and abroad. He was supported for the day by Winston Saunders, former pastor of Selhurst Evangelical Church, Croydon, who continues to preach widely in the UK.

Brian, in his two talks, dealt with the authority and message of the Bible. In terms of the authority of Scripture, he addressed the doctrine of divine inspiration, showing how the Bible carries unique authority and power in our world, because of the God-breathed nature of its words.

He also stressed that the God-originated nature of the Bible demands we take it seriously in both its teaching and historical accuracy. Indeed, we will only do the former when we are confident of being able to do the latter.

In this connection, Brian showed that, contrary to what some have stated, there is much evidence in the world of archaeology, for example, to show that key historical statements in Scripture are accurate and reliable.


In terms of the message of the Bible, Brian went on to show how Scripture’s central thrust is all about Jesus Christ and the salvation found in Christ. The Bible is not just a jumble of historic information, rules and laws; it points us to the Son of God and the offer of forgiveness and life found in him.

One important stress in this talk was to do with the confident, rock-solid hope that faith in Jesus gives to those who hold it.

The final talk, given by Winston, looked at the commission of the Bible. He urged those listening to capture a sense of the urgency of the gospel’s demand to make disciples of all nations.

It is not enough to just acknowledge the authority and message of the Bible alone. Such facts should fill us with compassion for the lost and a desire to share what we have discovered with them.

Drawing from his own extensive experience in pastoral work and personal evangelism, Winston gave several helpful pointers as to how we might be more focused in sharing the gospel with those around us.

If you would like to know more about future events for young people held at Sanderstead Evangelical Church, South Croydon, please contact Steve Ridgeway ([email protected])




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