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April 2014

The Tunisian government has adopted a new constitution that will guarantee freedom of worship and enshrine male and female equality.

According to a statement from advocacy group and charity Barnabas Fund, the document, which was agreed on 26 January, should give hope to Tunisia’s tiny Christian minority.

Barnabas Fund claimed the text was finalised, after Ennahda, an Islamist party, agreed to a number of concessions, including the removal of references to Islamic law.

Although the new constitution states that Islam is the religion of the state, it also says that Islam is not the source of its legislation.

Ennahda was Tunisia’s ruling party, until it agreed in September 2013 to stand down, following months of protests that were sparked by the assassination of two secular politicians.

It has now formally resigned, and a non-partisan caretaker government will lead the country through to new elections.

The statement from Barnabas Fund said, ‘Praise God that the new constitution affords greater freedom to our Christian brothers and sisters. Indigenous Christians, all of whom are converts from Islam, face many pressures. Pray that the new constitution will alleviate these’.




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