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Turkey: Pastor says he was banned because he was ‘too evangelistic’

March 2021

Pastor David Byle
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A pastor who was kicked out of Turkey and banned from ever re-entering the country says he was targeted because he is too evangelistic.

David Byle had been living in Turkey for 19 years and had been arrested multiple times for evangelising on the streets of Istanbul.

He was forced to leave Turkey and permanently banned from re-entering. He believes he was forced out partly for being ‘too evangelistic’.

He added, ‘In the last two years, the government has managed to kick out 63 different foreign Christians, most of whom were in major positions of leadership in Turkish churches.

‘But they didn’t do it all at once. They’re very clever. They do it spread out over time. So it never really gets into the big international news. But the people in Turkey know, there’s a very clear pattern.’

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