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United Beach Missions Postal Bible Club party

June 2014 | by Tim Howlett

During each summer, United Beach Missions (UBM) encourages children to sign up for the Postal Bible Club (PBC).

In 2013, that meant processing 500 applications. Each month, three large sacks of worksheets get mailed to children to complete and volunteers to mark. For many of these children, this is the only contact they have with Christian things.

Each year UBM runs its PBC party. On 29 March, over 120 children and parents made their way to Holywell Church in Loughborough for the 17th such occasion.

The afternoon had all the usual ingredients of games, craft, a fantastic tea and party bags. But one key feature was the traditional ‘Holiday special’ — a programme of quizzes, choruses, a Bible memory challenge, a Bible truth spot involving a Roman centurion, the lolly-licking competition and a gospel story. Gazebos, bunting and beach decoration all added to the summer feel to the day.

The key Bible truth for the day was ‘Man looks at the outward appearance but the Lord looks at the heart’; and it was encouraging to have many children come and recite that verse to the helpers at the end of the day.

It was great to see so many enjoy a good afternoon. Lots of conversations were had and it was so encouraging to see that some young people who have been doing PBC for many years have themselves become Christians and are wanting to get involved in gospel work.

We pray on and look forward this summer to meeting on the beach, with more mums and dads whose children will sign up for PBC. Is it too much to pray for 600+?

For more details contact the office at [email protected]

Tim Howlett

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