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Vera Khorev (1935-2019)

November 2019 | by Donald Morrison

Donald J. Morrison (right) with Vera and  Mikhail Khorev
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Many ET readers may recall praying for Vera and her husband Mikhail, both from Moldova. They made a courageous Christian stand during Stalin’s cruel reign over the USSR, enduring much suffering for maintaining an underground church in the shadow of Communism.

Following marriage to Mikhail in 1961, Vera’s time was often spent taking leave of her husband. He was frequently away on Moldovan ministry trips or being carted off to prison by the secret police. This was for the ‘crime’ of preaching the gospel.

Working for the Council RU (relatives of prisoners) from 1966-1987, Vera was responsible for gathering information about Christian prisoners. Many had been severely beaten and ruthlessly tortured. She wrote countless letters to the Soviet government in their defence, also protesting her husband’s imprisonment.

Vera paid a high price for her ministry – the KGB made sure of that. Her house was searched eight times while her husband was in prison. She had her possessions, including any religious literature, confiscated. She was sentenced to prison four times and kept under continual surveillance. Upon her release, dozens of slanderous articles about her appeared in the newspapers.

Now reunited with her husband (who passed away in 2012), Vera is experiencing the truth of Matthew 5:10, ‘Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness’ sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven’.

Donald J Morrison

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