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Victory for student midwife banned over pro-life views

January 2021

Julia Rynkiewicz
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A midwifery student who was banned from her hospital placement over her pro-life views has won an apology and settlement from her university.

Julia Rynkiewicz was suspended from her placement after a lecturer at the University of Nottingham reported her involvement with the university’s Students for Life society.

She was subject to a four-month fitness-to-practise investigation which forced her to delay her studies and left her without access to student finance, despite the investigation being eventually dismissed.

Rynkiewicz filed a formal complaint with the university in January and said she was ‘willing to take this as far as necessary’. The university has now apologised and agreed a settlement.

Rynkiewicz was helped by religious liberty charity Alliance Defending Freedom International.

ADF International recently released a poll showing that 44 percent of students in the UK self-censor in front of lecturers for fear that they would be ‘treated differently’ if they expressed their real opinions.

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