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Walk for Zambia

January 2021 | by Andrew Muwowo

Last September 42 people turned up for a sponsored walk around Bewl Water, a reservoir southwest of Tunbridge Wells. The event was organised by Proclamation Zambia, a ministry training and equipping church leaders through Kitwe Bible College in Zambia.

Both before and during the walk, measures were carefully taken to be ‘covid-secure’, such as prior registration and regular hand sanitisation. Social distancing was observed on the walk as families or bubbles kept together as they walked, took breaks or shared their meal. After the walk each person had to report their return at the registration desk.

A full circuit of the lake involves thirteen miles’ walking. Participants usually have the option of a shorter, seven-mile walk followed by a boat trip back to the start point, but again, coronavirus restrictions prevented this option.

It was a lovely day out with good weather. We were well supported by all who rose to the occasion to generously sponsor us and all who prayed for this event and for us all. We thank you all very much. God bless you.

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