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Welsh revival film in production

April 2021 | by John Tredgett

Production is underway of a new documentary film surveying the history of revival in Wales.

Welsh Awakenings will be a two-hour feature presented by Pastor Jonathan Thomas of Cornerstone Evangelical Church, Abergavenny.

Filming is scheduled for various locations around Wales as Jonathan surveys the spiritual highs and lows of Welsh evangelicalism between the 18th and 20th centuries.

A range of Welsh revivalists will be featured, including Griffith Jones, Howell Harris, Daniel Rowland, Thomas Charles, Christmas Evans, Dafydd Morgan, Evan Roberts, and others.

Historical photos, paintings, maps, and quotations are used to bring the revivals in Wales to life for a modern audience.

Interviews with pastors and historians such as Dr Gwyn Davies, Prof. E. Wyn Jones, and Geoff Thomas are also to be included.

Jonathan hopes to tackle theological questions as well as historical matters in the film, such as why the Welsh revivals happened, why such blessings are lacking today, and what spiritual lessons Christians can learn from former times of revival.

The documentary is being produced by filmmaker Dan Pugh, himself a Welshman living and working in Wrexham.

Speaking to ET, Mr Pugh said, ‘Wales is my home, so the subject is close to my heart. Also, many Christians are unaware of Wales’ rich spiritual history.’

Equipped with a drone as well as standard camera gear, Dan hopes to use a wide range of location footage: ‘We will be visiting Trefeca College, established by Howell Harris; Bala, where Thomas Charles ministered and had a famous meeting with Mari Jones; and places where revival broke out such as Beddgelert, Llangeitho, and Blaenannerch.’

How will Covid-19 affect production? ‘Filming outside shouldn’t be a problem,’ says Dan, ‘but inside important buildings may be problematic.’

Production continues with a DVD release expected in 2023.