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We’ve been weaponised, says Fletcher victim group

June 2021 | by Evangelical Times

Jonathan Fletcher SOURCE Moore College
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Seven people who say they were abused by Jonathan Fletcher have claimed they ‘are being weaponised for somebody else’s agenda’.

A recent report detailed some of the abuse committed by Jonathan Fletcher while he was leader of Emmanuel Church Wimbledon.

But a separate statement issued by an Independent Advisory Group (IAG) launched a broader attack on conservative evangelicalism more generally.

Now seven victims have published an open letter accusing the IAG of pursuing their own agenda.

The letter says, ‘It feels like our abuse has become a convenient launching pad for its authors’ and their supporters’ real interest.’

It adds, ‘Having been used once we find ourselves being used all over again, indeed we feel we are being weaponised for somebody else’s agenda.’

In the open letter, the seven victims say, ‘We have been left wondering: why did the IAG take advantage of this moment to pursue their other interests instead of allowing the [31:8] report to speak with its own voice?’

In last month’s edition of ET, Richard Turnbull said there were elements of the Fletcher report which smacks of a negative wider agenda.

He said the report contains a number of Trojan horses which evangelicals should be aware of.

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