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Wholesome law

July 2011 | by John Macleod

Wholesome law

The annual general assembly of Free Church of Scotland (Continuing) met in Liberton Kirk, Kirkgate, Edinburgh, in May 2011 to discuss a range of matters affecting the FCoSC.
    This included an official time for the press and public to meet the new moderator, Rev. Graeme Craig, as well as other commissioners. The assembly set in motion an appeal for the Government in Britain to return to biblical law and morality.
    In a statement from the FCoSC, the public questions, religion and morals committee argued in their report to the general assembly that Government needed to get back to biblical basics.
    The statement said: ‘At a time when the country is confronted with a determined onslaught by, amongst other pressures, militant secularism, aggressive attempts at Islamification and religious teaching which runs contrary to the Bible, the government both in Westminster and in Holyrood should return to the Bible as the source of all proper and wholesome law’.

John MacLeod

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