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Why the Bible matters to me

July 2010 | by James Bottomley

Why the Bible matters to me


If I was to ask the question to people walking down the street today, ‘What does the Bible mean to you?’ I wonder what their answer would be. To many, the Bible is just a book; it is simply ink and paper.


What does the Bible mean to me? To me, it is the holy Word of God, my light, my shield, my guide. It has the answer to every question we need the answer to. It is there at the best of times and worst of times in life.

     I can trust it to be there day and night, standing strong with me, defending me, teaching me as it leads me to the Lord Jesus Christ.

     It feeds me spiritually, helping me to understand more and more, keeping me heading in the right direction throughout my life. The Bible is the Word of God; it is inspired and perfect. It has the words of eternal life. That is what the Bible means to me!


James Bottomley

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