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Worship Conference at Greeley, Colorado – Saturday 18th May 2019

September 2019 | by David Kay

Left to right, Pastors Stan Lightfoot, David Kay, Jesse Hill, Jason Parker and Steve Ong.
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An all-day conference was held in America focusing on the presentation of the cross of Christ in the context of reverent worship.

It was held at the Reformation Baptist Church, Greeley, Colorado (50 miles north of the city of Denver). Pastor Steve Ong, minister of Reformation Baptist Church, hosted and chaired the conference.

The speakers were Pastor Jesse Hill (minister of Rock Creek Bible Church, Maxwell, Iowa), Pastor Jason Parker (minister of High Country Baptist Church, Colorado Springs), Pastor Stan Lightfoot (minister of Rustic Springs Baptist Church, Colorado Springs), and Pastor David Kay (minister of Whiddon Valley Evangelical Church, Barnstaple and trustee of the Christian Worship Publishing Trust).

The sessions covered different aspects of conservative, reverent worship of Almighty God and highlighted the errors of New Calvinism in this area. It is clear that there are ministers and church members in the USA who also are concerned about the trends in contemporary worship practices and beliefs. They fear a continued downgrade into worldliness in worship and its knock-on effects in Christian living and standards of behaviour.

Pastor Hill began the conference, speaking on ‘Prayer in presenting Christ and the cross in worship’. He was followed by Pastor David Kay, who announced a call to the ‘Old paths to present Christ and the cross in worship,’ quoting Jeremiah 6:16. He pointed out that contemporary worship methods and contemporary Christian music have no warrant in scripture.

Pastor Jason Parker spoke on the ‘Impact of Christ and the cross in the methodologies of the church’.

Pastor Stan Lightfoot described the origins and nature of contemporary Christian music, citing the evidence from the movement’s own confession – referring to a book by Swee Hong Lim and Lester Ruth, both professors of sacred music (Lovin’ on Jesus – a concise history of contemporary worship). Pastor Lightfoot also outlined the role of music in reverent Christ-centred worship.

In the final session, Pastor Jesse Hill spoke on humility in presenting Christ and the cross in worship.

The conference was marked by a sweet sense of unity and the Lord’s presence. There was also excellent hospitality from the pastor, his wife and the members of Reformation Baptist Church in Greeley.

Traditional hymns were sung at the sessions. It is hoped, Lord willing, to hold another conference next year. Soli Deo Gloria.

David Kay

Whiddon Valley Evangelical Church

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