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Yemen: Christians in desperate need

June 2019

Yemenese girl SOURCE Flickr/EU
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Yemen’s tiny Christian population is in desperate need as the humanitarian crisis worsens in the country.

According to various news reports, the Saudi Arabian military intervention in Yemen, which has been ongoing since 2015, has created a ‘staggering’ scale of suffering engulfing Muslims and Christians alike.

Data from Tearfund suggests there are 24 million people needing humanitarian assistance in the country – approximately 80 per cent of the population – and 15.9 million people wake up hungry each day because of the food shortages.

In its latest newsletter, Tearfund has warned, ‘large-scale outbreaks of cholera are persisting. According to the World Health Organisation, 30 per cent of all suspected cholera cases across Yemen are in children under five years old’.

According to the US State Department’s International Religious Freedom Report, Christians, Jews, Bahais and Hindus make up less than 1 percent of the population.

Open Doors USA has noted, ‘Christians are suffering from the general humanitarian crisis in the country. But Yemeni Christians are additionally vulnerable since emergency relief is mostly distributed through Islamic organisations and local mosques. These groups allegedly discriminate against all who are not considered to be pious Muslims’.

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