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Young woman with Down’s syndrome campaigns against disability screening

January 2019

Heidi Crowter
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Heidi Crowter, a 23-year-old woman from Coventry, has voiced her experience of life with Down’s syndrome and spoken out against disability screening, in an interview with The Christian Institute.

Heidi said that parents ‘are being told lies’ about Down’s syndrome and she hopes that her example of life and faith will challenge the misconceptions.

She is actively involved with ‘Don’t Screen Us Out’, a campaign group highlighting that Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT) is likely to result in a large number of abortions in the UK.

Latest figures for Great Britain reveal that around 92 per cent of pregnancies, where Down’s syndrome is identified, result in abortion.

NIPT screening has already been introduced in Iceland, where the abortion rate for Down’s babies is almost 100 per cent.

Mum, Liz, said that here in Great Britain, ‘As abortion is legal up to birth for severe handicap, the pressure to abort is immense.

‘As a parent of a child with Down’s syndrome I see a decline in their numbers being a direct result of discrimination’.

In Heidi’s interview with The Christian Institute she said, ‘I think my concern is that more and more babies will be screened out.

‘I’m trying to get them to actually meet the person first, and also to get them to understand the person with Down’s syndrome has a lot to give to life’.

‘My life is just as important and just as joyful as everybody else’s’, she said.

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