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Youth – Holiday Bible Club in Wigan

June 2018 | by Pam Thomas

A happy and noisy time was had by the children who attended Jireh Baptist Church’s annual Holiday Bible Club. As usual, it was held the week after Easter Monday.

The club began at 10.00am, for three mornings, with a parents’ evening on the Friday evening. The theme this year was the story of Daniel from the Old Testament.

Each day a short drama told the story to the 78 children who attended during the week. This was followed by activity sheets, craft and games. In the break time everyone enjoyed a drink and a cake. For the craft sessions the children decorated a tumbler, made a wax-resist painting, and constructed a lion hand puppet from a paper bag.

At the parents’ evening the final part of the story of Daniel was acted out: the den of lions. The children were given a bag of prizes, their activity sheets made into a book, and their craft items. Lion bars were also distributed to everyone who attended on the Friday evening. It was a great pleasure to see the chapel full to capacity, with many parents and grandparents there to support the children.

During school term time, a children’s club called Adventurers is held on Wednesdays, at 6.00-7.00pm, for children aged from 4-7 years old. On Fridays, from 6.15-7.30pm, Discoverers is held, for children aged 7-11 years old. In addition, there is a mother and toddler group on Tuesdays, from 10.00-11.15am.

Pam Thomas

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