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Youth – Holiday Bible Club

April 2018

On 12-16 February during the half-term break, Thornton Heath Evangelical Church hosted its annual holiday Bible club.

This year it was run by two of the church’s new apprentices, with lots of support from the church family, who made decorations, lead teams of children, and even provided breakfast.

Over the week, the children were taken with the Israelites on a journey through the wilderness to the Promised Land, through a series of talks, crafts, discussion time and interviews.

One day they were rebuking an Israelite for grumbling about Moses and the manna from heaven; on another Bezalel was explaining the Ark of the Covenant; and at the end they spoke to Joshua after they’d arrived in the land.

This was followed by themed games and activities, which included dressing their group leaders for Sinai, making tents, and crossing the Jordan using newspaper as dry land.

By the last day, 59 children had heard the gospel and 51 of them came on the last day to find out the end of the journey — and see if their team had scored the highest amount of points!

At least half these children had not entered the church building before. It was encouraging to see children bringing friends, a testament to their enjoyment and interest in how the Bible continues to speak to us today.

At the beginning and end of the day, the children learned a new song called ‘God always keeps his promises’, written by Sovereign Grace Music. On the Sunday, parents were invited to the service to hear the children teach it to the adults.

Antonia Sheldrake

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