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Youth – September Bible School (SBS), Whitby

November 2017 | by Barry Davies

This year’s SBS, held at Whitby Evangelical Church, saw its largest number of attendees in over a decade. Thirty-six young people came for a weekend of biblical teaching and fellowship, from as far afield as Newcastle in the north and Milton Keynes in the south.

‘Keep on keeping on’ was the theme of the weekend’s talks, led by Phil Swann of Llanelli and Deiniol Williams of Gwersyllt, near Wrexham. Phil’s two talks on Isaiah 40 contrasted the utter inadequacy of worldly idols with the incomparable beauty and power of our Lord and Saviour. Deiniol, speaking on John 17, demonstrated how the glory of God shone most brightly in the unlikeliest of places — Jesus’ death on the cross. After each talk, we were encouraged to share our thoughts, allowing the Word we had been taught to more fully sink in.

We heard from Jonathan Bayes, who gave an inspiring presentation on Carey Outreach Ministries and its work in China. Jean Brumby gave us a fascinating insight into the beginnings of the Bible school, when in 1991 Peter Brumby, with a burden for young believers, set in motion a weekend focused on Bible-teaching, church history and Christian ethics.

During free time, there was opportunity for the group to celebrate the 21st birthday of a stalwart attendee with ball games waist-deep in the sea! As usual, the weekend was a time of great spiritual blessing and tremendous fun. We look forward to seeing you next year.

Barry Davies

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