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Youth Supplement – Bullied at school

December 2007 | by Timothy Brown

Bullied at school

As a child I was taught the Bible and went to church but, looking back, I realise that I didn’t enjoy these things. I had Bible stories embedded in my head but they were just fiction to me. I didn’t really care for the Christ who died on the cross. I quite often thought, ‘I’m only young and I’ve got my whole life to live before I devote myself to a possible God’.

But I continued going to church and professing to believe in Christ. One day a guest speaker at Amyand Park Chapel preached about hell and for the first time I listened to what the preacher was saying! It was as if God himself was sitting there judging me.

Both my grandmother and my schoolteacher had recently died. Where had they gone? I felt hot, faint and scared. I couldn’t help thinking about where I would go if I died.

Bullied at school

The bullying began when I started secondary school. I was constantly bullied because I still held to my Christian upbringing. This affected me so much that I had to go for treatment at West Middlesex Hospital. I was told that to suffer for Christ should be a blessing but I couldn’t see it that way.

Gradually I began to slide away from Christ. Like a wandering sheep, I drifted far from the flock. I was sinning against the God of heaven and earth – idolising the things of this world.

But I continued to read the Bible, and gradually the whole picture became clear. I could see what I was doing wrong in my life, and I could see the Father’s love for me. I began to see him not as a fearsome judge but as the friend of sinners in whom I could put my trust.

God’s hand on me

Looking back, I can see that God always had his hand on me, protecting me even when I was backsliding. I think of the verse in the Bible, ‘All things work together for good to those who love God’ (Romans 8:28).
He took my sin upon himself at Calvary and didn’t let go of me when I wanted to let go of him.

Living he loved me;
Dying he saved me;
Buried he carried my sins far away!
Rising he justified freely for ever:
One day he’s coming – O glorious day!
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