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Daniel Rowland

01 January 1713 - 16 October 1790


Daniel Rowland (also spelt Rowlands; c. 1711 – 16 October 1790) served as an Evangelist and early on as an Anglican curate. He was one of the foremost figures in the Welsh Calvinistic Methodist revival, along with Howell Harris and William Williams. For fifty-five years Daniel Rowland was one of the leading evangelists in Wales.

For most of his life Rowland was curate in the parishes of Nantcwnlle and Llangeitho, Ceredigion. He was renowned as a preacher and made Llangeitho memorable as a centre for Calvinistic Methodism in Wales. His date of birth was traditionally given as 1713 but more recent research indicates 1711.

The Anglican Church authorities deprived him of his Nantcwnlle curacy in about 1763, an action which was unpopular with parishioners. Following this, he established a Methodist “cause” in Llangeitho.

Rowland’s early preaching was frightening: he gave much attention to God’s judgment in his sermons. But as he matured in his ministry, he placed more emphasis on the saving work of Jesus on the cross. His theology and character were seen as more consistent and stable than those of his counterpart Howell Harris, during the revival.

  • Born: 01 January 1713, Wales
  • Died: 16 October 1790, Llangeitho