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John Sutcliff

09 August 1752 - 22 June 1814


The Revd John Sutcliff was born near Halifax, in Yorkshire. His parents were both of them pious characters, and remarkable for their strict attention to the instruction and government of their children. Of course he would be taught the good and the right way from his childhood. It does not appear, however, that he was ‘made wise unto salvation through faith in Christ Jesus,’ till about the 16th or 17th year of his age. This was under the ministry of his revered friend and father, Mr John Fawcett, pastor of the church meeting at Hebden Bridge. Of this church he became a member, May 28th, 1769. Being of a serious and studious turn of mind, he appeared to his friends to possess gifts suited to the ministry; which was proposed to his consideration. The proposal met with his own wishes, and being desirous of obtaining all the instruction he could, he went in January, 1772, to the Bristol Academy, then under the care of Messrs. Hugh and Caleb Evans. Of his conduct in this situation, it is sufficient to say, that it procured him the esteem of his tutors, to the end of their lives.

  • Born: 09 August 1752, Todmorden, West Yorkshire
  • Died: 22 June 1814, Olney
  • Family: Married to Jane