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All books by Brian H. Cosby

None Else: 31 meditations on God’s character and attributes
Joel Beeke

Meditating upon God through his Word is essential for developing a deep walk with him. The Bible is not just a book about facts and historical happenings. It reveals to its reader the person of God: who he is and…

Christian’s pocket guide to suffering
Brian H. Cosby

Brian Cosby’s short volume does what it says on the cover, providing a brief summary of the Bible’s teaching on suffering and pain. Much information is packed into a small number of pages, all of it from a sound, God-centred theological position.…

Rebels Rescued
Rebels Rescued
Brian H. Cosby

Rebels Rescued Brian Cosby Christian Focus Publications 112, £5.99 ISBN: 978-1-84550-980-4 Star Rating: 3 This book is a foreign buffet, where the restaurant gives you a little taste of everything to introduce you to the palette. Here the strong and…

Suffering & sovereignty — John Flavel and the Puritans on afflictive providence
Brian H. Cosby

John Flavel wrote extensively on the subject of human suffering and how it relates to divine sovereignty. He himself experienced great suffering through the deaths of three wives and a son and continual persecution from state officials. Because many of…

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