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All books by Eryl Davies

Not Uninformed: Sure and certain hope for death and dying
Eryl Davies

Have you ever found it hard to bring up the subject of death? Maybe you know someone who has a terminal illness, or a friend who has suicidal thoughts? Let’s highlight some key chapters of this book so you can…

A Christian’s Pocket Guide to Understanding Suicide and Euthaniasia – A Contemporary and Biblical Perspective
Eryl Davies

It is with sensitivity and a pastoral heart that Eryl Davies addresses these complex and controversial issues. Statistics alone demand that a biblical perspective is given to these topics. In 1969, an estimated 51% of the UK population was in…

Hidden Evil — A biblical and pastoral response to domestic abuse
Eryl Davies

If only this book wasn’t needed; sadly, it is. Domestic abuse is far more common in our churches than many realise. Hidden Evil is an apt title. Dr Davies has compiled stories from sufferers that help us understand how abuse…

Preaching – An Awesome Task
Eryl Davies

This book was mainly written with preachers in mind. It began as a series of messages at the Bala ministers conference, back in 1981. It was put into book form in 1984, but has now been republished with an extra…

Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones & Evangelicals in Wales
Eryl Davies

Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones & Evangelicals in Wales Dr Eryl Davies Bryntirion Press 442, £14.99 ISBN: 978-1-78397-056-8 Star Rating: 4 Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones’ influence on evangelicalism in Wales did not wane when he moved from the 'Land of his Fathers' to…

Dr D Martyn Lloyd-Jones
Eryl Davies

Unexpected? Yes. Unwelcome? Certainly, for Dr D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones was dismayed by what was happening. The date was the 14 December 1926 and the national newspapers were using startling headlines concerning him: ‘Harley Street Doctor to become a Minister' and…

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