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All books by Faith Cook

Faith Cook is the daughter of missionaries and author of Christian biographies, most notably Selina, Countess of Huntingdon, and William Grimshaw of Haworth.

A Pilgrim Path: John Bunyan’s Journey
Faith Cook

John Bunyan is no stranger to Christians and his book Pilgrim’s progress, written in 1678, is well-known and well loved by those of Christian faith and those with none. Neither is Bunyan a stranger to Faith Cook, whose 2008 book…

Fine Gold from Yorkshire
Faith Cook

Yorkshire is known for its food, athletes and cricketers. It should also be known for the number of notable Christians who have hailed from this county over the centuries. In Fine gold from Yorkshire, Faith Cook brings readers 21 biographies,…

And so I began to read
Faith Cook

This latest of Faith Cook’s books is autobiographical and reveals difficult periods in her life. These include when she was a mother of five small children, as well as a four-year period during which her husband was unwell and unable…

Bitesize Biography – Zachary Macaulay
Faith Cook

Bitesize Biography - Zachary Macaulay Faith Cook EP Books 160, £6.99 ISBN: 978-0-85234-784-3 Star Rating: 4   What a gem this little book is! A combination of thorough research and imaginative description combine to produce a gripping account of one…

Out of the Shadows
Faith Cook

A collection of nine short and very diverse inspiring biographies: Many of the names will be unfamiliar, but their stories are full of interest and inspiration, each in its own way bearing witness to the faithfulness and goodness of the…

Anne Bradstreet: Pilgrim and Poet
Faith Cook

Sailing to the New World at the age of eighteen, Anne Bradstreet was among the first contingent of Puritan refugees to leave English shores between 1630 and 1642, in search of liberty to worship without fear of persecution from state…

Stars in God’s Sky: Short Biographies of ‘Extraordinary Ordinary Christians’
Faith Cook

In her typically engaging and enthralling style, Faith Cook shows us how God graciously works in individuals' lives. Among others here we find the encouraging short stories of John Foxe, Fanny Guinness, John Gifford and 'Grimshaw's men', Paul Greenwood and…

Fearless Pilgrim: The Life and Times of John Bunyan
Faith Cook

In this book you will discover the path which prepared John Bunyan to be greatly used as a pastor to his own generation and a guide to Christ's pilgrim people still.

Overcoming the World
Faith Cook

This is the fourth in a series of booklets that bring together articles on related themes that have appeared in Evangelical Times. The articles in this booklet have all been written by Faith Cook and appeared in Evangelical Times from…

Caught in the Web: Life a a Christian in the days of Bloody Queen Mary
Faith Cook

This is another excellent book from Faith Cook. Revolving around the life and faith of the young Lady Jane Grey, it follows the story of a fictitious character called Hal living in this turbulent Tudor period of English history. Many…

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